Some More Words from the Internet

A few more folks have written about Three Fourths Home!


"Everything within this world is written for you, but within Nebraska’s starkness lies a comprehensive image of this family deeply saddening in its complexion."

Adam Paris, Indie Statik


"Three Fourths Home meets us at that chaotic intersection in life. It's between the longing past and uncertain future, somehow still on the fringes of teenage despair, not yet fully taking on the burden of adulthood."

Chris Priestman, Kill Screen


"Three Fourths Home is a triumph. Its melancholy presentation, from the tone of the conversation, the ever invading diegetic sounds and the clean visuals focus your attention on the topics it discusses. The quality of writing will make you care about the family and their troubles and you'll consider each sentence you chose to reply with."

Nathan Toper, Gamerscape