Some Words from the Internet

Some wonderful folks from around the internet have written about Three Fourths Home this week:

Alice O'Connor from Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"That small demand of engagement is unexpectedly strong, bodily dragging you into the game, then being able to distract myself flicking buttons during unpleasant conversations felt right. Three Fourths Home needs these. And it needs the lovely rumbling storm, the radio’s crackly warbling music, and the satisfying click of dashboard buttons. Its conversation side works the same as most interactive fiction (which I rarely play, ironically because I don’t enjoying reading on a screen), but the game uses inputs and outputs of a computer so very pleasingly.

"Not wanting to spoil too much, you’re chatting to your mother then the phone ends up passed between other members of your family, sparking feelings of responsibility, regret, life, hopes, and worry, worry, worry. Which says as much about me as it does the game. I enjoyed how I felt bad."


Michael Rose from

"...the scrolling visual alongside the story, and the feeling that you're pushing the car onwards through the rain, had a real impact for me. You might want to see if it does something for you too."


Davidlee Jolley from Indie Game Magazine:

"It’s a borderline eerie look into the relationship of a family, and one that may ring familiar with some."


Indie Game a Day made this great overview video:



In other news, Three Fourths Home is also now available through a Humble widget over at the purchase page!